Introducing a New Ally, Eileen, Along with Exciting Activities and a Story Mode


Introducing a New Ally, Eileen

Check out the new Ally, Eileen. A super strong woman who will come together to fight with Dawnbringers of Black Moon and battle against various enemies! Her introduction also comes with new activities and a story mode with very intense levels. Want to know more? Follow and see!

Activity Conditions
Characters Level 8 and up

Go to the Eileen menu
01EileenButton EN

  • Upon entering, 4 different sections will be available:
    1. Story
    2. Eileen’s Advent
    3. Illusion Tower
    4. Shop

1. Story
03EileenStory EN
Go through the levels and collect stars! There are 9 chapters in total where you can get rewards if you complete checkpoints in each chapter. You will also receive items that can allow you to randomly recruit Eileen.

2. Eileen’s Advent
04EileensAdvent EN
On this page, you can use “Eileen Draw Coupon” to randomly get items, which can be upgrade items. There is also a chance to get the extremely rare item “Eileen Ally Memento“. Collect 60 pieces and fuse them to recruit Eileen as an ally. There is also an “Eileen Fashion Card” as well.

The item “Eileen Draw Coupon” can be obtained from:
1. Free random drawing 1 time per day
2. Go through Eileen’s story
3. Package Shop
05PackageShop EN

3. Illusion Tower
06IllusionTower EN
Climb the tough tower to earn “Eileen Ally Memento” and “Eileen Draw Coupon

4. Exchange Shop

Exchange items from this store using “Eileen Exchange Token Coin” which can be randomly obtained from Eileen Advent

Eileen Preview