Fashion Upgrade System


Fashion Upgrade System

Fashion Upgrade System advances Black Moon’s fashion items. You can now increase the star level of fashion! Read up on what needs to be done:

Activity Conditions
Character Level 1

Go to the Fashion menu
01FashionIcon EN

Choose the fashion item you want the star to be upgraded. Then press the “Update” button.
02FashionMenuTo upgrade the star, Fashion Elements of different levels must be used to add points in order to increase the star level. Fashion Elements can be obtained from breaking down fashion items received within the game

Highest level of stars that fashion items can be upgraded to

Fashion Item Rarity Maximum Star Level
SR 5 star
SR+ 10 star
SSR 15 star
UR 20 star


Breakdown of Fashion Items
In the fashion menu, if you have duplicate fashion items, the system will point you to the “Separate Fashion” button to let you know how many duplicate fashion items you have
4 1

When you press separate fashion, the system will inform you which Fashion items will be broken down and how many Fashion Elements will be obtained