Black Moon SEA Patch Update 5-30-2024

Black Moon SEA
Patch Update 30 May 2024

Check out the new updates!

New Limited Fashion!
Complete missions to get the Dark Age Survivor Fashion Set.
Dark Age Survivor EN
Limited Fashion Round 3, which comes with new quests. Take on these new challenges!

New Rare Weapon “Photon Meteor”
Added a new Rare SSR Weapon. Watch out for its unique skills!

Expanded Badges!
T6Badges EN
More badges are available. Gather your materials to unlock the higher ranks!

New UR Fashion “Marine Party”
Marine Party EN
Beach themed UR Fashion Set will be available to get from various in-game activities, such as Lucky Flip

Higher Weapon UR Levels!
T6WeaponUR EN
Upgrade your weapons to higher levels in order to increase their effectiveness and deal more damage! Your stocked up resources will now be useful to complete these upgrades

“World of Hell” in Enemy Invasion
WorldOfHell EN
A new area opens in Enemy Invasion! Clear new & difficult challenges to get new rewards
Ultra Enemy

Gather 4 keys to craft a new reward box!

First Top-Up Reward Adjustments
FirstRechargeGift1 EN
FirstRechargeGift2 EN
FirstRechargeGift3 EN

Adjusted Sign-in Rewards
T6 Sign In EN

Adjusted Daily Online Time Rewards
T6 Time Rewards EN

Adjusted rewards to suit the latest updates. This allows characters to develop characters in different ways

Black Moon SEA Team
Posted on May 30, 2024