Black Moon SEA Patch Update 2-29-2024

Black Moon SEA
Patch Update 29 February 2024

Unlock more power, level 110!
bm lv110 EN

 A new Area, Time Port Bridge, has been added to the Exploration Dungeon
Face a new challenge and explore the Time Port Bridge to obtain higher level Gear.
Time Port Bridge EN
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Hunting Operation
New Hunting Operation dungeon for levels 90 – 110.
Hunting Operation 1 EN

Participate in Hunting Operation to receive items for crafting new level 90 and 110 equipment.
Hunting Operation 2 EN
Hunting Operation 3 EN

Craft level 90 and 110 equipment
Unlock the production of new Gear, increasing your hero’s abilities.
Crafting 90 110 EN

New Trial: Gold Trial
Updated new trial, Gold Trial, which can be found in the Trial Tower.
Gold Trial EN

Black Moon SEA Team
Posted on February 29, 2024