Black Moon SEA get ready to OBT on 25th January 2024 with activities and free rewards!

Black Moon SEA, Mobile Action RPG
with seamless skill combos from PlayPark
We would like to invite all brave warriors to join the adventure of Black Moon SEA’s Open Beta Test (OBT)!

The game will be officially launched on 25th January 2024

Those interested can pre-install the game today.
Available for both, Android and iOS platforms!



Game Events
Available with Open Beta Test (OBT)

Level up Activity, receive rewards
Create your character and reach the required level to get rewards!

Black Moon SEA Level Rewards

New Player 7-Days Login Reward
Log into the game everyday to receive extremely rare items, such as an SSR Ultimate Skill (Atomic Strike) and more Dark Crystals!
Dingtalk 20240111172552

7 Days UR Weapon Quest
Log into the game everyday and do missions to collect Cosmic Meteorite. If you complete all missions as scheduled, you are guaranteed the UR Grade Weapon!!
Dingtalk 20240111172821

Activity Exclusive Fashion: Azure Chaos
Become the owner of an SSR Grade Fashion Outfit! Clear the mission requirements and collect points before event ends! Receive an abundance of Dark Crystal Rewards aswell!
Dingtalk 20240111172938

Black Moon SEA Team
Announced on 17th January 2024


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