Black Moon: Beginner Guide


Black Moon invites you to explore a fantasy world full of mysteries and challenges. Follow a deep story and challenge the mysteries that await in every corner of the world of Black Moon. Experience endless fun with a variety of weapons that you can choose and combine with unlimited skill combos. Become a real hero on the battlefield, because you have the spirit and legendary weapons in hand.

In Black Moon, you have the freedom to develop your character according to your style. Choose your favorite weapon and use unique skill combos to destroy your enemies. Would you rather be a deadly melee fighter or a magic-controlling mage? The decision is yours, and Black Moon gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Beginners Guide!

Like RPG games in general, high levels play an important role in your progress in completing the game.

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In the Black Moon game, leveling up is quite easy, namely by upgrading your weapons and equipment so that the BP (Battle Power) effect can complete quests quickly so you can take more quests and level up quickly.

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Apart from that, also complete daily missions to get the items you need to upgrade your weapons and equipment.

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Best Weapon! 

Weapons play an important role in Black Moon, so having the best weapons will make it easier for you to finish off enemies and complete quests quickly.

The recommended weapon that is currently quite popular is the Gabriel Wings Series.

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This weapon inspired by angel wings really deserves to be recommended, because it has extraordinary power. Gabriel Wings’ main skill is summoning a bow and showering the enemy with arrows of golden light. This weapon is so powerful that it can kill many enemies in one attack.

Great Combo to Defeat Enemies!

Apart from weapons, other items that can increase your Battle Power are Equipment, you can experiment with combining various types of equipment to produce higher Battle Power Gear.

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To be able to get a lot of equipment you have to complete a special stage to get armor parts, so make sure you complete it all so that your character becomes stronger.

Awesome Skill Makes Enemies Crazy!

You can also set the skills used to fight enemies. There are many powerful skills that you can unlock as you level up. The more skills you have, the more skill configurations you can try to suit your playing style.

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So that’s the guide, tips and tricks that you can try and follow to make it easier for you to level up your Black Moon character.