Announcing Black Moon Server Merge on April 1, 2024


Server Merge Announcement 1 April 2024

Attention Dawnbringers! On April 1, 2024 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM GMT+8, character data of some servers will be linked together. This will be done to increase player interaction and communication, and enhance various activities which will make the game experience smoother and more fun. The details are as follows:

  • List of Servers to be Merged

    Server List
    Group 1 Blackmoon 1 Blackmoon 2 Blackmoon 6
    Group 2 Blackmoon 3 Blackmoon 4 Blackmoon 8
    Group 3 Blackmoon 5 Blackmoon 10 Blackmoon 11 Blackmoon 14
    Group 4 Blackmoon 7 Blackmoon 15 Blackmoon 17
    Group 5 Blackmoon 9 Blackmoon 18 Blackmoon 19
    Group 6 Blackmoon 12 Blackmoon 13 Blackmoon 20
    Group 7 Blackmoon 16 Blackmoon 21 Blackmoon 22
    Group 8 Blackmoon 23 Blackmoon 24 Blackmoon 25 Blackmoon 26
  • Schedule
    • There will be a server merge on April 1, 2024 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM GMT+8.
    • Various Details and Requirements
      • After the server merge is complete, the names in the server list will not change. Players can sign-in their characters by selecting the original server.
      • In the event that there is more than 1 character in the new server ID, the character that meets these conditions will remain. For example:
        Blackmoon 1 has the character “Addfa A” which is level 100, Blackmoon 2 has the character “Addfa B” which is level 90.
        After combining Blackmoon 1 and Blackmoon 2, players can sign-in and choose to connect to Blackmoon 1 to play as the character “Addfa A” or connect to Blackmoon 2 to play as the character “Addfa B”.

  • Server Merge Conditions
    • Conditions for clearing characters. Characters that meet ALL THREE (3) of the following conditions will be deleted.
      • 1. Characters with no top-up history
      • 2. Characters that are below level 30
      • 3. Characters which have not gone online for more than 10 consecutive days
    • After server merge, Guilds that are below level 3 will be deleted.
      • Characters which are members of deleted Guilds will become guildless. They must let 1 hour pass before being allowed to join another Guild.
    • For “Heaven Ladder” competition, such as: Blackmoon1-Blackmoon2, the remaining time of the season will be the same as Blackmoon2 original server time, and personal ranking rewards and season achievements in the “Heaven Ladder” competition will not be reset. Victories will remain.
    • After server merge, Enemy Invasion information on the remaining challenges for the day will be maintained.
    • After server merge, Sniper Clash rankings will be reset.
    • Arena rankings will be reset. Rewards for your character’s highest historical rank attained will not be reset.
    • Exploration Dungeon All-Star and Hunting Operation All-Star will be reranked based on player completion times across servers in the same group. All-Star ranks will be awarded to players who are in the new ranks.
    • If there are characters with the same name, after server merge the system will add the server number after the character to differentiate. For example: “Addfa” from Blackmoon 1 will be named “Addfa1”. “Addfa” from Blackmoon 2 will be named “Addfa2”. If a character’s name changes due to this, affected characters will be sent a name change card.
    • After server merge, all Base Battle data will be cleared. All bases will become unclaimed and will need to be contested again.
    • After server merge, Ranking data will be recalculated. There will be reranking based on the data of all players in the server groups.

Black Moon SEA Team
Posted on March 21, 2024