Premium Hero Title: CBT Top Up Promo

Top up Promo

CBT Top Up Promo

Commemorate your CBT participation and top up by joining this Top up promo! Get the Exclusive in-game title: “Premium Hero” when you top up an accumulated total of $9.99 in-game during the CBT period!

CBT Top up Promo Title
CBT Top up Promo Title: Premium Hero

Here’s the complete mechanics for this promo:

1. Players will receive the “Premium Hero” title rewards on OBT when they top-up an accumulated total of $9.99 during the CBT period (Oct. 12 (13:00 GMT+8) – 16 Oct (11:00 GMT+8)

2. Each account can only redeem the title ONCE.

3. Players may redeem reward through In-game Event Page during the OBT period.

4. Once the player redeem the reward in one server, they will unable to redeem the same reward in other server.

5. Players must redeem their rewards within 14 days of the OBT launch.


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