[CBT Event] – Top 100 CP


Be part of the CBT Strongest! The Top 100 CP CBT Players!

Make your enemies tremble before your POWER and show off your might even before you showcase your combo moves and be one of the Top 100 CP Players during the CBT!

All players during CBT are welcome to join this event. All you have to do is to be part of the Top 100 CP ranking during CBT and you’ll get extra in-game rewards during the OBT period. Check out below the complete rewards list and mechanics of this event:

Top 100 CP


1. Players will receive rewards according to their highest Character’s CP in their account among all players during CBT

2. Each account can only redeem the rewards once.

3. Players may redeem reward through In-game Event Page during OBT period.

4. Once player redeem the reward in one server, they will unable to redeem the same reward in other server.

5. Players must redeem their rewards within 14 days of the OBT launch.


Ranking Rewards
1~5 1 pc. – SSR Arms Ticket (optional)
1,000 pcs. – Dark crystal
6~10 1 pc. – Random SSR Arms Ticket
500 pcs. – Dark crystal
11~49 10 pcs. – Arms Supply Ticket
250 pcs. – Dark crystal
50~100 5 pcs. – Arms Supply Ticket
250 pcs. – Dark crystal


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